VERY Soon to Come!

Sorry guys!

I have been a bad bad blogger and haven’t been around in a few weeks!  New job, new school, house hunting, and much more have kept me super busy.  BUT, fear not.  I have a LOT coming up in the next couple of weeks!  Attending a dear friend’s Frugal but Fabulous wedding this weekend.  I will be featuring all her FANTASTIC DIY projects and tips with you when she returns from her honeymoon.  I’m also coordinating and shooting a FBF FALL dessert table (complete with recipes and/or best priced places to purchase).  Also, working on tips for your bouquets.  

See you all VERY soon!


Just a quick tip I wanted to share with you folks!  I believe in being frugal in all aspects of life.  Right now while your planning your wedding try a few frugal tips with everyday stuff.  When you’re saving on your necessities you will feel more at ease with the mounting costs of the wedding!

1)  My FAVORITE new item to have in my pantry are Ziplock Fresh Produce bags!  As we all know fresh produce does not have a long shelf life.  However, these handy little bags are about doubling my fresh veggies and fruits lifetimes!  I defiantly recommend soaking your fresh veggies and fruit in a vinegar & water bath for about 15 minutes first.  This helps to get any nasty pesticides and waxes off, plus will also add in extending the lifetime of the items!  (And another tip, I personally will wash out the bags and reuse them one or two more times.  That way I’m not spending money on so many bags either!).  


2)  Couponing can be a very good thing!  A couple of months ago I discovered that my local supermarket (Publix) will take their coupon and the manufacture’s for the SAME item!  Often they will have items that are on BOGO and I will have a Publix coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon, so I end up spending about 75% less!  Last week I saved $65.34 all together!  Most supermarkets will also double coupons up to $.50. Check out my favorite site for online coupons (it’s FREE!) at couponmom.com.  



3) This should really go without saying, but limit eating out.  It’s great to kick back and not have to cook and clean up!  And I definitely enjoy it from time to time.   BUT, it will cost you. For two people you can easily spend $30-$40 at a sit down dinner then on top of that you will be tipping your server 18-20%  (another $6-$10).  Think if this way, you do that more than twice a month and that could have paid for your bouquet, or your wedding shoes, or a case of wine, ect.  Ask yourself before you go out can this money be better spent on something else?  OR could we go somewhere a little cheaper or maybe you have a coupon or gift card?  

4) I have an APP for THAT!  Think you may be able to find a better price on items you use a lot?! You probably can!  I love using the ShopSavvy app on my iPhone.  All you do is scan the barcode and it will find the cheapest locations near you for that item!  I recommend using it at home that way you’re not wasting gas going from store to store.  Make your plan from home and make the most of your shopping trip!

Have and frugal tips of your own you would like to share?! Please feel free to leave comments for other FBF readers!



This is a FAB little treat you can make for your wedding, showers, or just any celebration!  It’s super easy, cheap to make and YUMMY!  My mother made about 150 for the wedding.  Here’s all you need:

Package of Cream Cheese 

Powdered Sugar

Food Color and Flavoring


Granulated Sugar

 Take a package of cream cheese, knead it with powdered sugar until you get a thick consistency. You’ll know it’s thick enough when it stops sticking to your fingers as easily.  Mix in flavorings and food color of choice (we had rum, cinnamon, and almond flavored). Roll in granulated sugar and push into any mold of your choice.

You can either make this 1-3 days to the event and keep in the fridge.  Or you can freeze them up to 3-4 weeks before hand!  Mine were made the week before.  I had Rum flavored, cinnomon flavor, and almond (I think).  They were a big hit! Even though I only had 35 guests and 150 mints we had NONE left over!


Class of 2012

The recruiting for 2012 seniors has officially begun!

There are lots of great prizes and cash that can be won for Savvy Smiles reps!

Including the grand prize of a limo for prom!

All for having your photos taken and showing them off =)

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Kate and Ted

I got the privilege to photograph my dear friend Kate’s engagement photo session to the love of her life Ted.  They have had one whirlwind romance.  Their first date was this summer and they got engaged on Christmas day! We tried to capture their first date on which they went to a Braves game, Piedmont Park, Starbucks and Emory hospital (poor Ted dislocated his shoulder as he tried to put his arm around her)!

Having known Kate for about 6 years now, I can honestly say I couldn’t imagine her with anyone else now!  They are so freaking cute together and so much fun to photograph!  I barely had to do anything but stand back and fire away.  

Unfortunately it dropped about 20 degrees while were having lunch (seriously the COLDEST shoot ever!), so we did not get to go to Turner Field to complete the entire first date experience.  But, we had a great time with what we did get to do!

Congrats guys!  I can’t wait until the big day on September 4!  Going to be an amazing day for an amazing couple!!!!!!

Snow in Georgia!

The weather as shut down everything down here the past week.  There’s been no school and no work!  It’s been fun and a little boring at times.  Fortunately I got to seize the rare opportunity to photograph my friends (and neighbors) in a super fun winter snow shoot!

Here is the Brown Family!  Michael and Jennifer and their daughter Clara!

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