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Class of 2012

The recruiting for 2012 seniors has officially begun!

There are lots of great prizes and cash that can be won for Savvy Smiles reps!

Including the grand prize of a limo for prom!

All for having your photos taken and showing them off =)

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Kate and Ted

I got the privilege to photograph my dear friend Kate’s engagement photo session to the love of her life Ted.  They have had one whirlwind romance.  Their first date was this summer and they got engaged on Christmas day! We tried to capture their first date on which they went to a Braves game, Piedmont Park, Starbucks and Emory hospital (poor Ted dislocated his shoulder as he tried to put his arm around her)!

Having known Kate for about 6 years now, I can honestly say I couldn’t imagine her with anyone else now!  They are so freaking cute together and so much fun to photograph!  I barely had to do anything but stand back and fire away.  

Unfortunately it dropped about 20 degrees while were having lunch (seriously the COLDEST shoot ever!), so we did not get to go to Turner Field to complete the entire first date experience.  But, we had a great time with what we did get to do!

Congrats guys!  I can’t wait until the big day on September 4!  Going to be an amazing day for an amazing couple!!!!!!

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